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Android Launch & Event

Dec 19, 2018
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Here comes the official release of the global server of Warship Girls(Android)! 
However, the iOS client is still under review by Apple. We are deeply sorry for the situation and will release the IOS client as soon as it passes Apple's review.

★How to Redeem Gift:
1. Enter the game and into the game settings menu.
2. Click the [Coupon code] button and enter the code.
3. Claim the rewards via in-game mail.
4. Gifts are available only on Android devices(Android simulators).

**Please make sure to access Google Play through PreLaunch.me**

★Timed Event: A new start
-Event period: 
After release ~12/23 24:00 (UTC+9)
After release ~12/23 11:00 (UTC-5)

-Experience bonus: 
+50% experience gained from sorties;
+100% expedition great success chance.

★Timed Quests:
Quest line 1: A solid foundation
1) Explore the unknown
Description: Achieve 5 victories in sortie.
Rewards: All resource*500
2) Ready the fleet
Description: Enhance your ships 6 times.
Rewards: All resource*500
3) Let's duel
Description: Achieve 5 victories in exercise.
Rewards: All resource*500
4) Build up the supply line
Description: Complete 4 expedition.
Rewards: All resource*500
5) A present from HQ
Description: Reach player level 40.
Rewards: Fresh Summer Holiday (Costume)

Quest line 2: Task Force Stormforth 
1) Clear the Perimeter
Description: Defeat the enemy fleet at the Boss node of Barathrum Incheon Base (1-4).
Rewards: All resource*1000
2) Fuso Base Siege
Description: Defeat the enemy fleet at the Boss node of Barathrum Fuso Base (2-4).
Rewards: Battlecruiser Goeben
3) Star Strait Assault
Description: Defeat the enemy fleet at the Boss node of Melaka Strait (3-4).
Rewards: All resource*1000, Damage Control Team*1
4) Bab-el-Mandeb Line Breakthrough
Description: Defeat the enemy fleet at the Boss node of Bab-el-Mandeb Lines (4-4).
Rewards: All cores*4
5) Gibraltar Fortress Bombing
Description: Defeat the enemy fleet at the Boss node of Gibraltar Fortress (5-5).
Rewards: Aircraft Carrier Hornet

Enjoy Gaming!


Faiga P over 1 year

not worth of waiting , can't open the game !!

Kay M over 1 year

When will it be available in Germany?
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Faiga P Hi Faiga, plz try it again. I can open the game.
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Kay M Hi Kay, it's available in Germany now. 
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Scrieez over 1 year

Not available in sweden :(
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Kay M Sorry Kay, just confirmed the release regions with devs. WSG is not available in EU for the time being, which means it's not available in Germany. Sorry about the mistake I made.
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Scrieez Hi Scrieez, WSG is not available in EU for the time being. Will inform you guys if there's any update.

Kay M over 1 year

@Admin PLM No problem, thanks for informing me.

★★Character introduction★★

Dec 17, 2018
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★Name: Maryland
Class: Colorado-class
Type: Battleship

"Hi~ This is USS Maryland. I can't wait for the next operation, so say the word, Commander!"

★Name: Renown(Mod)
Class: Renown-class
Type: Battlecruiser

After all that we have been through, nothing can stop us now. Come, we still have a greater success to achieve.

★Name: Vanguard(Mod)
Class: Vanguard-class
Type: Battleship

HMS Vanguard, remodel complete. The era is coming to an end, Commander, and I feel fortunate to have you aside as it did.

Which one do you like most?


Nhox t over 1 year

I like Vanguard
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Alpaca T over 1 year


Guide: Large, Battleships and CarriersⅡ

Dec 16, 2018
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Missouri can only be obtained by construction with an extra low construct rate. However, she is worth every bit of resource and blueprints you spend for her: as an unmod battleship, her attributes are even better than some modded battleships, and her skill Ace of Spades is available as soon as she is acquired which let her prioritize battleships and battle cruisers over other targets. Considering the fact that most Bosses in event maps drops into these two categories, this makes Missouri an extra powerful choice when there is an event map waiting.

Rodney is available both from construction and sortie drop with a relatively high rate. That combining with her nice attributes makes her a very useful battleship early game. After modification, Rodney gets two skills, Big Seven and Revenge, which I recommend the former as it turns Rodney into one of the most fearsome damage dealers even inlate game. 

Just like Missouri, Tirpitz is a hard-to-get battleship that is only available in construction. Yet, the skill she gets after modification, Lonely Queen of the North, is worth everything you invested as it can decrease the evasion and accuracy of enemy fleet significantly, making her ideal to lead a battleship-to-battleship engagement and effectively turn the tide of battle.

Stay tuned for Medium and Small!


Guide: Large, Battleships and CarriersⅠ

Dec 15, 2018
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There are a vast amount of ships in Warship Girls, and this number could cause confusions for a newer player as they may get lost on which ship is worth to spend time and resource on.
This guide is to provide some help to those who need it. 

There will be roughly 20 ships mentioned in the whole guide, and for a better reading experience I will divide this guide into three parts based on ship size: Large (battleships and carriers) Medium (light carriers and cruisers) and Small (destroyers and submarines).

This one you are currently reading is about large ships, the most expensive ships in terms of acquiring and deploy cost, but also the most powerful ones.

Lexington is the most easily acquired carrier in game as she is the quest reward for completing level 1-4. However, despite this easy-to-get nature, she is also one of the best carriers in game. Lexington herself have some very nice attributes which is almost flawless comparing to other carriers; moreover,her initial equipment, BTD-1, is the best bomber in early game, and still very useful in late game as a resource saver. After modification, her Carrier Pioneer skill is one of the most important carrier buffs in game which greatly increase the effectiveness of all planes carried by both herself and adjacent ones. Thus, she is recommended to be leveled up as soon as possible for a smooth early-mid game and a powerful late game.

As the sister of Lexington, Saratoga is also an easy-to-get vessel that is rewarded when you reach player level 40, and just like her sister, Saratoga is another member of the must have carriers. First of all, her attributes are just as good as her sister, making her useful starting from the point that you get her; second, her initial equipment also includes a BTD-1, and just as mentioned above, this is a bomber that is useful in every stage of the game; Third, she is one of the few ships that have two skills after modification, with one being the Carrier Pioneer and the other as Robin. Carrier Pioneer is identical to that of her sister’s which was mentioned above, while Robin will dramatically increase her planes’ effectiveness. In another word, depending on how you use her, Saratoga can either be one of the best carrier buffer and damage dealer, or the single most powerful carrier in game.
As a side note, Carrier Pioneers don’t stack with each other, so if you choose this skill for Saratoga, remember to separate her with Lexington using 2 more carriers to maximum the use of both ships’ skill.

To be continued.


Nova B over 1 year


CBT Participants Result

Dec 6, 2018
The devs have drawn the participants and will send an email containing the CBT link, account and password.

PLM Admin will contact you guys who are invited to the CBT. Please kindly wait. ;)

Thanks for your support!


Pach over 1 year

Thank you!
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

Hey guys, CBT will end at 9 PM, December 11. Plz make sure to check your email and get started in time!

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