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Dec 4, 2018
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Hey guys,

The Closed Beta Test will start soon. Some of you seem confused with the difference between Warship Girls and other games of the same type. 

So why not join in this CBT and play Warship Girls yourselves?

Comment below and the devs will draw the participants. 
People who can participate in the CBT will receive an email with the account and passward.

***The result will be annouced on December 6.
***The email is the one linked with PLM account. Please message Admin if you want to change one.

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Xien X over 1 year

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Masanime L over 1 year

I just hope we get a decent start everyone loves a good start when a game comes out

Paul H over 1 year

I'll try it

Kelvin M over 1 year


Jarrod M over 1 year

Would love to try it

Oleg Shemelev over 1 year

I want to join xd

Zebbie Elian over 1 year

Can I try it too? 

Anonymous over 1 year


Gary White over 1 year

Count me in
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

Hey guys, sadly the CBT was already ended. And WSG is launching soon! Stay tuned.

What's New in this Version

Dec 3, 2018
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There will be more than 400 roles and CRIT. DAMAGED drawings of all characters in this Full Version. 

Warship Girls is based on the real naval warfare in history, and there will be ships from all over the world in the game. 

The biggest difference between Global Version and other versions is the multi-language dubbing. 

Each ship will have its own native voice. American ships and British ships will show up in this official version, and more ships from other countries will be live in the future, so stay tuned!


Game Feature

Dec 2, 2018
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*** Hundreds of girls at your command
Each girl represents a ship in the naval history, ranging from pre-WWI to post-WWII. More than 400 warship girls from all over the world are available and waiting, write your story the way you want.

*** Visual and auditory enjoyment
Well-known voice actresses and artists collaborate to depict every girl vividly.

*** Building your fleet for a decisive battle to the ocean
With hundreds of ships at your disposal, choose wisely according to the enemies ahead, and enjoy the battle that's about to come. Weigh anchor! Full speed ahead! The ocean is our battlefield. Let's go!

*** Decorate your dorm
Select from tons of furniture to decorate the dorm and create a comfortable home for the girls!

*** Hall of honor
Bravery and honor deserve to be commemorated. Display your achievement, show everyone what you are made of!


Pre-Registration for Warship Girls Officially Live Now!

Nov 29, 2018
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Global Version of Warship Girls published by Moe Point is set to launch soon. 
The official Twitter and Facebook Fan Page have announced that the pre-registration event officially STARTS NOW!

Warship Girls and PreLaunch.Me specially prepared EXCLUSIVE in-game gifts for everyone.
Pre-registered players of PreLaunch.Me can claim: HMS Rodney(4 Star Battleship) *1, Equipment Blueprints *5, Rapid Construction *5 after release! Rodney can be modified, and will gain strong skill big seven after modification. 
Please check out PreLaunch.Me News for more details.

Warship Girls is a military personification collection game. Players will serve as a navy commander in the game, building their own fleets and battling against the enemy. In the process of defending the port area, players constantly strengthen their own fleet in various ways. The game is relatively simple and is easy to get started. The gameplay is more casual than other similar ones. Players can fully enjoy collecting and developing!

Want more details about Warship Girls? You guys can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get news and updates:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarshipGirls/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/WarshipGirls_G