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    Xmas Event for Throne of Elves

    Dec 11, 2018
    Resize,m lfit,w 650
    Congratulations to our Throne of Elves Christmas event Winners! 
    The answer of the question is Assassin(Ninja) + Demon Hunter. 
    The Best Prize goes to riggss Y, who gave the completely right answer.
    And all the rest participants will win the Lucky Prize. They are 
    - SaȜeed R
    - Cyanide K
    - AshleyDerek DemersFournier
    - Sarah Johnson
    - Tobias T
    - iNfamos W
    - Hadi B
    - Andrew G
    How to Collect Prize: 
    1. The winners will receive an email from PLM team or a message from Admin PLM with a giftcode. 
    2. Login the game and click avatar-all-Redeem Pack
    3. Input the gift code and confirm
    4. Turn to in-game mail and collect the gifts, which are named FB Gift Pack.
    Thank you all for participating and interacting with the developer!
    Hey PLMers,
    Have you tried Throne of Elves?  Answer the question and get the Xmas gift!
    Comment this post or PLM Events post:
    Which class is equipped Amulet as the second weapon in Throne of Elves?
    We will choose 2 lucky participants and 1 best comment and send out Christmas gifts as below.
    Prize for lucky participants: Prayer Card*6 + Refine Stone*60 + STA*150 + Gold*80K
    Prize for the best comment: Enhance Stone*60 + Training Manual*20 + Gold*80K
    This event ends on Dec 24th before Christmas. We’ll send out gift codes on that day. Please don’t miss it. And there are other more events in game and Official Facebook Page during Christmas. We hope to meet you in Throne of Elves.
    Throne of Elves is an official movie-based MMOARPG. The game was available around the globe for Android devices on Nov. 26th and gains appreciation from players. We’re grateful to offer gifts via PLM to wish every player a Merry Christmas!
    P.S. Here is the gift for ALL THE PARTICIPANTS: https://www.facebook.com/poppacetoe/posts/499322673921920

    Resize,m lfit,w 300

    iNfamos W over 1 year

    Demon hunter, Assassin, & ranger. 
    My ign: Xero