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SUN 8/18/2019 23:11
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A sorry Anime game

Created by Kevin Hill on Jan 22, 2019

Nobody wants an anime game with NO co-op play and nothing but sh*tty PvP!



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Jalen E 7 months

Tht awesome thx u for the reply,  hope y'all don't implement  one  :) 
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SKYPEOPLE Official admin 7 months

Don't worry Masanime L.
We are preparing many events and gifts for the Global Launch!
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Masanime L 7 months

Excellent ood to hear
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Masanime L 7 months

I do have one more concerning question is final blade going to be one of those apps where you have to get pieces and charge just to get a character?
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Masanime L 7 months

I meant to say shards not charge
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SKYPEOPLE Official admin 6 months

Hello Masanime L
Final Blade doesn't require each player to collect specific Hero Shards. 
However, we have bottles shards to assist you in summoning powerful allies!
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Masanime L 6 months

Hum hum games looking like a 10 out of 10 already thank you for the reply
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Lesley S 6 months

Hi my name is  Lesley 
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Sarah Johnson 6 months

The game global apk version is out...

Kevin Hill 5 months

For the record Demetrius W, I'm A GUY!