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More Rewards Are Waiting For You!

Jan 27, 2019
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The more players that pre-register, the more rewards everyone gets!

Get a head start in the game with those rewards: 
50,000 Pre-Registration -- 500 Rice
100,000 Pre-Registration -- 200,000 Gold
150,000 Pre-Registration -- Master Training Ticket
200,000 Pre-Registration -- 2,000 Sapphire
300,000 Pre-Registration -- 5* Gear Box

*Rewards will be unlocked as the community pre-registration goals are achieved (total pre-registration from all platforms). 
*Corresponding rewards will be sent to all users after the game is officially launched(Details in the picture)
*PLM reward is the same as that on official website, so 1 account can just use 1 code.


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Oh let's do this!