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[Apex Legend] EA Wants to Bring Apex Legends to Mobile

May 7, 2019
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According to The Verge, EA wants to bring its big hit Apex Legends to mobile. This Respawn-developed battle royale game is already a money machine for EA and it's indeed a reasonable thing for EA to develop Apex Legend into a mobile game to expand its popularity.  
It seems like that EA is trying to compete with Apex's biggest competitors PUBG and Fortnite since both of these two competitors are on mobile platforms right now. 

By E 
Pic Cr: Respawn Entertainment/ The Verge  

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Dark D about 1 year

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Portal P about 1 year

So when is it coming out 
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Portal P about 1 year

@Dark D I wonder if it's going to be cross platform 

Anonymous about 1 year

I can get behind that