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[Google] Google Stadia's Release Date and Price Confirmed

Jun 9, 2019
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Google has recently confirmed the release date and price for its game streaming service Stadia. Being advertised as the Netflix of gaming, Stadia offers a library of games for gamers and no downloading/installing required. 

Google currently offers three different options for Stadia users: Stadia Pro($9.99/month), Stadia Base(Free, starting in 2020), and Stadia Founder's Edition($129.99, console with subscription service) Pro being the core offering. 

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Adrian F about 1 year

This is pretty cool no download and installation required, yes

Adrian F about 1 year

How mucn is google stadia? How to use it? Where or what kind of gadget will i use? Is there any free games for free to play players out there like me? Do i need to pay something if i use stadia?