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    Game Feature Ⅱ

    Dec 20, 2018
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    ▶Tons of Game Events
    A large selection of game modes to offer different experiences: Test your combat skills in Speed Hunt, rely on your survival instincts to their fullest in the Expedition, and explore the unknown for ancient treasures on The Lost Isle. More than 10 unique modes is available to challenge your skills as a Ranger.
    ▶A Rich Game World
    Live the story of the Land of Malheim and hunt as one of its legendary Rangers. Meet and befriend NPC companions, and recruit them to fight with you in battle. Besides the hunt, there are all kinds of things to do in the game world: catch a wild horse, search for hidden treasures, or even fish and cook exotic dishes.
    ▶Customize Your Appearance
    Customization starts at the very beginning with full character creation options including individual facial features. As you level up and acquire better equipment, your appearance will change from a novice to a master. If you ever get bored of your look, change it completely with one of the many costumes in the game. From scurvy pirates to hi-tech assassins, there is something for everyone. 

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    iNfamos W over 1 year

    Everyone's already pumped when is the release date?
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    Alpaca T over 1 year

    It will launch at the beginning of 2019. lol