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SAT 8/8/2020 14:05
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    How to Redeem Gift Code

    Jan 15, 2019
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    Dear Rangers,
    Rangers of Oblivion has arrived on Android in Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. 
    Download the game and become a legendary monster hunting Ranger now!
    *iOS version will be available later.
    Gift Pack has been updated.
    Old Pack: 
    Hunting Voucher Pack Ⅱ *1
    Bag Extension Voucher *3
    Silver *2000
    New Pack:
    Vigor Potion*3
    Hunting Voucher Pack*1
    How to Redeem Gift Code:
    1. Tap the install button, go to Google Play and install the game.
    2. Tap the pink gift button and get the code.
    3. Enter the game, find a NPC named Sophia beside the billboard / notice board in each area.
    4. Talk to Sophia and redeem your code.
    5. Find all the rewards in the bag on the top right.
    **Please make sure to access Google Play through PreLaunch.me**
    Enjoy Gaming!

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    Dark E over 1 year

    Got the voucher pack and the vigor pots, but didn't get the 40 vouchers
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    Dark E over 1 year

    @Dark E Should have just made it 5 voucher packs.  Still would have equaled 50 vouchers
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    Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

    @Dark E Hi Dark, sorry we made a mistake. The 40 vouchers are automatically sent to players.

    Santiago S over 1 year

    is the gift code still available?