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[In-game Launch Events]

Jan 24, 2019
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Event 1. Limited-time Summon: Elwin & Leon
Who’s the bravest? Increased chance to summon Elwin and Leon! 
The strongest knight on the continent, unparalleled in known history. As leader of the Blue Dragon Knights, he gallops across the Kalxath Plains undefeated.
The epitome of wisdom and courage, he traveled the world from a young age, sword in hand, and formed the legendary Legion of Glory with his companions.
During the event period, you’ll have an increased chance of summoning these legendary heroes from the rift! 
** Limited-time Summon 1: The Empire's Hope – Increased chance to summon Leon and Bernhardt! 
** Limited-time Summon 2: Departing Braves -- Increased chance to summon Elwin and Cherie!

Event 2. Path of Light: Fulfill Your Destiny and Summon SSR Hero Cherie!
Cherie is back! Complete the Path of Light missions for the ultimate reward, SSR Hero Cherie! 
Cherie is a mischievous princess who grows tired of her boring life in the palace, often slipping out of the imperial city in search of adventure. Little does she know, she is in fact a Descendant of Light, tasked with a divine mission that will change the fate of the world! Complete the Path of Light and her holy power will be at your command!
Path of Light missions unlock at level 5! You can enter the event interface by tapping "Path of Light" at the top of the world map interface!

Event 3. Adventurer's Path: Daily Login
Log in every day to get heaps of rewards!
Loyal Commanders, the continent of El Sallia is a land where countless heroes have fought bravely throughout the ages. The journey ahead won’t be easy, and your courage and perseverance will be crucial in bringing peace to this troubled land! These gifts are in recognition of your dedication – they’re sure to give you just what you need to get your adventure off to the right start!
During the event period, log into the game to receive fantastic daily rewards, including Trinity Vouchers and advanced equipment!

Event 4. Battle of Honor: Level-Up Rewards!
Upgrade your team to get legendary rewards!
The war between light and darkness may have been forgotten by most in the land of El Sallia, but as a noble commander, touched by the hand of fate, it is up to you to heed the call of the heavens. An ancient power flows through your veins – a divine purpose is engraved upon your very soul. So, what are you waiting for? Seize your destiny!
During the event period, you will receive generous rewards such as Rune Stones, Trinity Crystals, and advanced equipment when reaching the specified levels!


Faustino R 12 months

Your draw rates are ridiculous.  I do enjoy the game but $300 spent, all special event draws with "increase rates", and I only pulled the same SSR twice from all those 10x pulls.  
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Randy A 12 months

So true that why I dropped it 

Compensatory Gift

Jan 22, 2019
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Hey guys,

Some of you got a problem when using codes from Langrisser website and PreLaunch.Me. You can use only one code of two if you join in both pre-registration events. Sorry about this.

Now devs decided to offer one Exclusive Pre-Register Reward, a SSR hero, as compensation! You can find it in in-game email.

Hope all of you enjoy!


Faustino R 12 months

Thank you for this reward. 

Launched! (FAQ)

Jan 22, 2019
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Commanders! Langrisser has officially launched! 
Langrisser’s divine power is calling you — Download the game and start your journey now!

1. Q: Why can't I download Langrisser? It still says Pre-register in Google Play Store.
    A: Due to a caching issue, the game may still be displayed as being in the pre-registration status on the Google Play Store. You can try clearing the cache / logging out and re-logging / restarting your device.

2. Q: How to Redeem my code?
    A: 1. Tap on the install button, go to Google Play and install the game 
        2. Enter the game and tap on the Player Information on top left.
        3. Tap on Redeem Code and enter your Gift Code.                                       
        4. Claim the rewards via in-game mail.

**Please make sure to access GooglePlay through PreLaunch.me**

Enjoy gaming!

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Dark E 12 months

Cant redeem plm code and code from langrisser website.  Was there any info given about not being able too?
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Beebo R 12 months

My prelaunch code said used already
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Admin PLM Official admin 12 months

@Dark E Hey Dark, plz check pm
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Admin PLM Official admin 12 months

@Beebo R Hey Beebo, plz check pm

Anonymous 12 months

Mine days sane gift has been redeemed, unable to be redeemed again. But I got nothing. 

Name M 12 months

My code also says it has been redeemed and that it is unable to be redeemed again.
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Admin PLM Official admin 12 months

@Name M Hi, plz check out the latest news update.

Michael C 11 months

Is there a deadline to use the codes?

[Character] Tiaris & Ledin

Jan 19, 2019
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Daughter of the marquis of the Floating City of Larcuss, Tiaris is a lively girl talented in the art of magic. At the beginning of the war, she witnesses the death of her father, which becomes a shadow that always lingers over her.

Once a naive girl, she spent most of her time thinking only about her Prince Charming, and despite her lively appearance, she is in fact riddled with sadness, making her both brave and determined.

She has lived in comfort since her childhood, and thus carries an aristocratic air about her. Following Dieharte and making up an important part of the force that restores Larcuss, she gradually becomes a strong and reliable ally.

Ledin is the Prince of Baldea, a warrior who live by the precepts of courage and honor.

When his kingdom falls, Ledin and his companions set off together on the road to restoration, and after ultimately defeating Chaos, he is crowned king, going on to unify the continent and marry his comrade-in-arms and lover Chris. Driven by the strong sense of justice in his heart, he is widely recognized as a born leader until his death.

With a mind as sharp as his sword, will this noblest of heroes finally grace your team?

Lushiris, Goddess of Light


Official Launch Announcement!

Jan 15, 2019
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Release Time: January 22, 8:30 AM (PST)
Commanders! The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! We are now ready to announce the official launch date of Langrisser Mobile!

Langrisser mobile will be officially launched on January 22, 2019! Check below for more details!

1. Time: January 22, 8:30 AM

2. Country: USA,UK,Germany,France,Canada,Australia,New Zealand, Ireland,Poland,Romania,Netherlands,Greece,Czechia,Hungary,Sweden,Bulgaria,Denmark,Finland,Slovak,Croatia,Lithuania,Slovenia,Cyprus,Malta,Belgium,Austria,Luxembourg

3. Platform: iOS (App Store) & Android (Google Play)

 * The game will be available in the above countries during the first stage of the launch. To Commanders outside of these countries -- please hold on a little longer! Remember to stay tuned for the latest news and events on the fan page & official website.

Commanders! Is the excitement too much to bear? Let’s just try to wait as patiently as we can for a few days -- preparing for the start of an adventure of this scale should not be taken lightly, after all.

See you on 01/22/2019 !

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Dark E about 1 year

What time?
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Admin PLM Official admin about 1 year

@Dark E Hi Dark, specific time will be confirmed later. 
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Malum U about 1 year

Yay about time ;p
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Kevin R about 1 year

Not really complaining but a serious question why cant such anticipated games like this one be released on the weekend when some adults only have the weekend to play
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Admin PLM Official admin 12 months

Guys, release time: January 22, 8:30 AM (PST)

Nate M 12 months


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