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[System Introduction] Strengthening Heroes

Dec 29, 2018
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Heroes are essential in Langrisser, and strengthening them is the only way you can guarantee they’ll make an impact on the battlefield. 
So, how do you go about strengthening your heroes, you ask? Try the following methods to quickly enhance your heroes and form a team that will have your enemies quivering in their boots!

Leveling Up
Heroes need experience points to level up, so all you need to do is lead them into battle and watch them get stronger! If you feel that you’re not getting enough EXP in battle, you can quickly gain a lot of experience by using EXP Potions on the heroes you want to level up. Keep in mind that heroes can only be leveled up to your Commander Level, plus one. Use your EXP Potions wisely!

Star Level
Every hero has a default Star Level when summoned. If you manage to obtain enough Hero Shards, you can use them to raise that hero’s Star Level.
Initial Star Levels by Rarity:
R = 2 Stars
SR = 2 Stars
SSR = 3 Stars

Lushiris, Goddess of Light


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