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Launched! (FAQ)

Jan 22, 2019
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Commanders! Langrisser has officially launched! 
Langrisser’s divine power is calling you — Download the game and start your journey now!

1. Q: Why can't I download Langrisser? It still says Pre-register in Google Play Store.
    A: Due to a caching issue, the game may still be displayed as being in the pre-registration status on the Google Play Store. You can try clearing the cache / logging out and re-logging / restarting your device.

2. Q: How to Redeem my code?
    A: 1. Tap on the install button, go to Google Play and install the game 
        2. Enter the game and tap on the Player Information on top left.
        3. Tap on Redeem Code and enter your Gift Code.                                       
        4. Claim the rewards via in-game mail.

**Please make sure to access GooglePlay through PreLaunch.me**

Enjoy gaming!

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Dark E over 1 year

Cant redeem plm code and code from langrisser website.  Was there any info given about not being able too?
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Beebo R over 1 year

My prelaunch code said used already
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Dark E Hey Dark, plz check pm
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Beebo R Hey Beebo, plz check pm

Anonymous over 1 year

Mine days sane gift has been redeemed, unable to be redeemed again. But I got nothing. 

Name M over 1 year

My code also says it has been redeemed and that it is unable to be redeemed again.
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Name M Hi, plz check out the latest news update.

Kovaelin over 1 year

Is there a deadline to use the codes?