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WED 11/13/2019 12:50
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[Character] Varna – Blood is Thicker Than Water

Dec 22, 2018
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Today’s featured hero is a mighty General who played a vital role in the invasion of the floating city in Langrisser III, but more importantly, she triggered the set of events that lead to Altemuller becoming the Prince of Velzeria.

She is none other than Varna, the first of the four generals under Altemuller's command. She cares deeply for the field marshal and takes care of him when she is injured, and soon the two of them fall in love. Varna appears as a support commander for the Riguler forces throughout the game, starting with Scenario 1. When the Velzerians capture her younger sister Anna, Bozel threatens to kill Anna unless Varna poisons Altemuller’s wine. She ultimately chooses to put her sister first and poisons the general. However, the amount of poison she administers is not enough to kill him. Varna later sacrifices herself to protect Altemuller and her sister. Enraged by her death, Altemuller seizes the unsealed Alhazard and chases after Geier. Eventually, he uses the Mana channeling powers of Alhazard to raise Varna from her grave.

Varna can be said to symbolize a theme that runs throughout the Langrisser series – sacrifice. Whether it’s for love or the greater good, Langrisser’s characters are often faced with situations where the depths of their emotions are put on display for the world to scrutinize. From Varna’s betrayal of Altemuller out of sisterly love, to sacrificing herself for her loved ones, and then Altemuller’s impassioned seizure of the evil Alhazard and subsequent resurrection of Varna, their saga reminds us that, despite the huge scale of Langrisser’s world, its history and future are both determined by the personal, and very human decisions of its inhabitants when faced with the toughest choices.

What choice will you make when the time comes, Commander?

The fate of El Sallia is in your hands…

Lushiris, Goddess of Light


Kevin S 11 months

She's hot

[Character] Kirikaze – The Mysterious Wanderer

Dec 20, 2018
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Greetings, Commanders!

Today’s featured character is the skillful samurai Kirikaze, a noble warrior from the eastern land of Yamato who follows the path of vengeance until finally joining up with the other heroes of Langrisser III.

After his liege lord, mistress, and young master Shoutarou are killed during a raid on Fort Hakusan by Ferakia some 15 years before the main storyline of Langrisser III, Kirikaze lives in shame, vowing to only commit seppuku once he has killed the sorceress and claimed vengeance.

He is approached by Viscount Raymond to help coordinate the refugee army of Larcuss, cooperating with Raymond to battle the Riguler troops while Dieharte and company seek to seed infighting between Barral and Riguler, and later on, he participates in the search for Sophia and the Lushiris Gate.

Eventually killing Ferakia with Dieharte’s assistance in the battle of the Plains of Luon, he resolves to continue fighting until Bozel is also defeated.

Will be ever be free from the ghosts of his past? 
With your guidance, Commander, I believe he shall find a way…


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Dec 14, 2018
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boom g 11 months

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iNfamos W 11 months

Its almost 2019v why would anyone make a hand that looks this bad and expect anyone to want to play it? Super deformed literally means heroically worse than normal deformation thats not a good look. 

Pach 11 months

@boom g Thanks!

Hadi B 11 months

Why used sexual picturs and heroes in game?

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