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Curious about Eternal Fury 2?

Jan 4, 2019
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Game features:
√Build your castle
Build and upgrade your own castle, use it to train your exclusive army to collect resources for you and become the strongest kingdom!

√Customize, equip and upgrade your character
Collect, refine, strengthen your own equipment and become unstoppable collecting Astros for your attributes!

√Multi-hero selection
24 heroes, tactical positioning for you to choose and each hero comes with 4 unique special skills! Summon them, and they will fight with you side by side!

√Awaken legendary skills
Switchable skill pages, add skill points to the skill tree with freedom, more talent choices to improve skill attributes… the choice is yours!

√Defeat mythical monsters
Different maps are waiting for you to explore, find the Boss and defeat it to win the highest honor!

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TinyGamer Q 5 months

Cool painting, more screenshots possible?
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Proficient City Limited Official admin 5 months

Hiiiii(´▽`)ノ @TinyGamer Q, Yessssssss, you can find more screenshots on our Facebook fan page -->https://www.facebook.com/EternalFury2/
Also, you can talk to me on our facebook inbox, I'm waiting for you(・ω<)☆
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Ollie H 5 months

Wartune copy