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[Class Intro] Knights

Jan 25, 2019
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Knights are a melee class, capable of serving as either a ferocious attacker or a stalwart defense.
Weapons: Long Sword, Great Blade
Armor: Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Roles: DPS, Tank

Knights are the hardest shield and sharpest spear of the Human Alliance, fighting for light and justice. 
With their unwavering discipline and fearlessness, the Knights are unstoppable in the battlefield, even when facing Hades' forces. When Evil crossed the border of the empire, the Knights were already prepared for battle.

The Battle of Zion was a decisive battle, "the turning point of the War of the Human Alliance". 
The Great Knight Kargara concentrated what was left of his infantry against the threat of Minos' forces in Zion. One by one, those fearless Knights fell in the battlefield and when no one had hoped to defeat evil, Kargara engaged the infernal forces personally, battling Minos and using Excalibur to sever Minos' head. 

After the victory over Minos, the Human Alliance restored peace to the land, for now. For the past decades, many young people joined the infantry, to become Knights, inspired by the tale of the Great Kargara and hoping to be as honorable as him.