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TUE 5/21/2019 08:03
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Launch Time Delay

Created by Admin PLM on Apr 30, 2019

Hi PLMers, here’s a latest message from game developer, the launch time of Tales Of Wind will be delayed for a few hours. We’ll keep you updated and send the gift codes to you all once it launched. 


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Admin PLM Official admin 21 days

You can check the gift codes in PreLaunch.Me App. And please make sure you have pre-registrated the game before launch. 
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Admin PLM Official admin 21 days

Waiting for the launch..><
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Justin D 21 days

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Espero 21 days

The game already released but no codes yet

theBesttaco 21 days

where's my code at?  xD 

Selvin Mendoza 20 days

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Admin PLM Official admin 20 days

Hello Selvin, all the gift codes have been sent just now. Please check your message in PreLaunch.Me App or your email. Thank you.

Scotty C 20 days

It won't let medownload the game. Either clicking Install does nothing or it loads up a white box that only has the spinning loading circle in it and nothing ever loads
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EL D 20 days

Not to mention, those of us unable to get the game to load, which they said in the play store that they are working on it. We miss out on the first 100 people to lv20 event. I was quick to download...