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SAT 8/8/2020 14:07
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Tales of Wind is available now! (Tips for how to claim gifts)

Apr 30, 2019
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Hi PLMers,

Tales of Wind is available to be downloaded now! 
The gift codes have been sent to you by message and email.

How to claim the gift:
1. Click the Install Button to download the game from PreLaunch.Me.
2. Create a character.
3. Go to tow.neocraftstudio.com/en/code, enter your “Zone”, ”Server”, ”Character ID”.
4. The gift will send to you by message in the game. (Social->Mail)

Or an easier way: Open the game -> Click "Setting" -> "Redeem" -> Input your gift codes

Happy Gaming!

—PLM Team


Selvin Mendoza over 1 year

I really don't like the level cap