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Check out the new indie game Distraint 2 for Android!

Mar 14, 2019
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Hi PLMers:

Check out this new indie game for Android users! DISTRAINT 2 is a sequel to overwhelmingly positive little horror title on Steam, DISTRAINT. 
It has a dark story, but also its fair share of dark humor. 

The gameplay is simple but effective: You move left and right, collect items, and solve puzzles to progress through the engaging story. 
Side-scrolling 2D with unique, hand-drawn graphics
Carefully composed music specifically for each situation of the game
Atmospheric sound design
Minimalist yet efficient interface so the focus stays intact
Delve into a complex story full of intriguing twists and characters
Hand made in Finland, no asset flips or cheap tricks! :)

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Azn H 11 months

Have to try the first one!