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Your frequently asked questions

PreLaunch.Me is a discovery and pre-registration app for unreleased mobile games. If you are interested in any of the games featured on our app, simply pre-register to receive a notification on your device when the game is released. We let you know when it's time to play!
Closed beta tests have "BETA" in their titles. They're generally very limited, so keep an eye out for our push notifiations to increase your chances of joining a CBT. Game on!
Depending on the title, you may receive your promo gift via email or by tapping the pink gift box icon in our app. If you're ever unsure, just tap the pink gift box icon to learn more!
Some developers just choose not to offer pre-registration gifts. :-( Hopefully as our service grows, more developers will see the value in offering pre-registration gifts, and we can continue to pass them onto you!
Unfortunately, our app is limited to US devices at the moment. However, we are working to expand our service by the end of this year!

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