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SUN 8/25/2019 21:36
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Breaking: One Punch Man ranked NO.1 on Top Charts!

Aug 22, 2019

Hi PLMers,

One Punch Man is available now on App Store. So far only one day after released, it has already reached the top one position in the ranking list of mobile games downloaded, much like the main character - Saitama’s smash skill of one punch.

Check your inapp message to get the gift code. Download the game here:

Have fun!

- One Punch Man: Road to Hero &PLM Team



[Launch Inform] One day left before One Punch Man is out

Aug 21, 2019
Hi PLMers,

The long wait is finally coming to an end. One Punch Man: Road to Hero will officially launch tomorrow!
Are you excited to try this game? Get ready for the epic fight!

- One Punch Man: Road to Hero & PLM Team


Two Important Features You Should Know about One Punch Man: Road to Hero

Jul 2, 2019
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Feature One: original characters and sounds
Not as the audience anymore, the players have the chance to battle with the bad guys appeared in the episodes. Additionally, the original casting crew brings the players into a highly restored environment of the anime.

Feature two: integrated skills and team-up game model
No single card can directly determine the result of a battle, the only way to win is to collect various cards and maximize the functions of each one, as well as forming a good team. Different heroes can be collected during the process of gaming. With more characters being unlocked, it is more probable for a player to be a real hero.

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Xiaoling L 14 days


Join One Punch Man: Road to Hero's Event Now to Claim Special Gift!

Jun 19, 2019
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Hi PLMers! 

That world famous anime One Punch Man now has an officially licensed mobile game! 
Join One Punch Man: Road to Hero's New Event and claim your special gift! 

Included in the Special Gift Package: 
- 500 Diamonds
- Common Gacha coins x 5
- Rare Gacha coins x 2
- Rookie Supply Crates
- Exclusive Avatar decoration
- Elegant Purple Chest

Launch Schedule: End of July 2019 

Enjoy your journey in the One Punch Man World! 

-One Punch Man: Road to Hero & PLM Team