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SAT 5/30/2020 15:50
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Winner List for Eternal Sword M

Apr 30, 2020
Dear Warriors,

Thank you for your support and participation to make ESM famous all over the world and make OBT a true celebration. 
In this event, 16 lucky players have received our generous rewards, they are:

FairyLady from EST-2
Hellhound from EU-3
★Mage★ from HKT-5
Kotova24 from EU-2
GYPSY from EST-4
HANZO from DST-4
Akali from EST-1
BADOY from HKT-3
Ogie from EU-8

Monster Beats:
~Miracle~ from DST-4
Elendril from EST-1
Dragoona from EST-2

Nintendo Switch:
LUNA from DST-1
Essie from EU-3

iPhone 11:
Essie from EU-3

Thanks again for your participation. 
Join our game, you can be the next lucky one :)

--- Eternal Sword M

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rayhan r 4 days


How to use Gift codes in Eternal Sword M?

Mar 27, 2020
Hi PLMers,

Here are the steps for how to use gift codes in the Eternal Sword M.

After your character reaches LV 33, you can see the "Benefits" with a gift logo.
Click the "Benefits" icon, then click find the "Pack Exchange". 
Enter your gift codes, the gift will be sent to you.
*Gift codes have been sent to your email and PreLaunch.me App if you have pre-registered the game on PLM before.

Please let us know if you have any problem with exchanging the gifts.

--- Eternal Sword M Team & PLM Team


Johnny M about 2 months

I didn’t get my pre-registered code

[EVENT] Pre-register now and win Iphone 11!

Mar 12, 2020
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Hi PLMers,

REMIND: Draw Rules:
1. Follow Eternal Sword M Facebook Fan Page.(https://www.facebook.com/EternalSwordMOfficial/)
2. Like and share the pinned post.
3. Reply with the link of your FB page, your in-game character ID, role name, and server under this post.
4. Please confirm your game character is above lv.10 before March 31.

The lucky draw will be held by the Time Travelers’ League on 23:00 March 31, 2020, GMT-5, you can find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/EternalSwordMOfficial/

“We need to recruit more members to strengthen our League! My gifts and I are ready to welcome you!”—Luna with all kinds of gifts.

Now we have a chance to unlock higher level rewards both in-game and real-world! Share this with your friends and join us together!

Details of pre-registration are as follows:
1. Time travelers can register through the official website or PreLaunch.Me website & app.
2. Real-world Rewards (Randomly pick corresponding players according to the number of rewards from each level, from whom have successfully completed the pre-registration):
Pre-registration number reaches 100k: Amazon Card $100*10 
Pre-registration number reaches 500k: Monster Beats*3 
Pre-registration number reaches 2M: Nintendo Switch*2 
Pre-registration number reaches 5M: iPhone 11*1
​*This event is not related to Apple Inc.​

​Game Launch Schedule: 24th March 2020.
Find more game info here: http://esm.neocraftstudio.com

--- The Eternal Sword M Team


Sean H 3 months

Do I need to do more

Aj Baker 2 months

What do i need to do

Pre-registeration for Eternal Sword M Start Now!

Feb 14, 2020
Hi PLMers, 

Pre-register now and you can get a special gift in Eternal Sword M. 

Launch Schedule: Mid March 2020

Gift Including: 
Luxury Package:Gold*50k, Fine Jewel Box*3, Familiar EXP Candy*5
*If more than 3000 users enrolled our game, each registered user will get Supreme Package as gift
Supreme Package: Gold*100k, Fine Jewel Box*5, Familiar EXP Candy*10

How to get the gifts: 
1. Pre-register the game on PreLaunch.Me. 
2. A notification will be sent to you when the game is launched. 
3. The gift codes will be sent to you by in-app message and email.
4.  Download the game and run the Game.
5. Enter the game and tap Option on top-right.
6. Tap the Redeem and Insert your redeem code.

*The pre-registration gift code will be revealed after the game launch.
**Please make sure to access App Store through PreLaunch.me**

And don't forget to spin the mystery box:
Grand Prize: 
Angel's Spirit Pack: Diamond *500, Wings Essence*50, Treasure Map*5

1st Prize: 
Summonner's Gift Pack: Diamond *200, Summon Familiar Crystal*1, Enhance Stone*30

2nd Prize: 
Crafter's Jewel Pack: Gold*150k, Fine Jewel Box*15, Familiar EXP Candy*20

3rd Prize: 
Greed's Preciou Pack: Gold*100k, Enhance Stone*20, Surge Stone*20

Enjoy Gaming!

 -   Eternal Sword M & PLM Team

Resize,m lfit,w 300

Stacy F 3 months

Ok..how exactly do I preregistration???