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SAT 6/23/2018 12:26
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    by Wonder Games

    Launch:August 2017




      Your enemy is on their last leg. Swap out your mage for your warrior in real time and deal the decisive blow to your arena foe. Welcome to Raze: Dungeon Arena. Collect new heroes, raid PvP and single player dungeons, craft epic gear sets, and stake your claim to the throne.
      Do you have what it takes? Enter the arena and prove your mettle against all who oppose you!
      Claim your Bragging Rights
      - Get big in 1v1, 3v3, domination, guild battles, and survival multiplayer modes
      - Master the single player, hack n slash style quests, and boss battles
      Tag Team Battles
      - Mix and match heroes to find the best combination and fighting strategy
      - Freely swap heroes at the decisive moment to ensure victory
      Stunning Unity 3D Graphics
      - Immerse yourself in a diverse set of dungeon environments including dismal swamps, forbidding deserts, and haunted forests
      Challenging AI
      - Outmaneuver enemies who possess spatial awareness, reacting according to their own strengths and weaknesses
      - Outwit bosses that use unique skills to stun, bind, burn, freeze, and kill all who oppose them

      *Above are subject to change on launch

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