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It’s the time now, Warriors!

Apr 20, 2018
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Assemble, Assemble, Warriors of the light.
Sword shall be shaken; shield shall be splintered.
It’s the time now.

We, council of Rumriel announce that the global launch is at 10:00 04/20/2018!

What to expect? 
- New Server (KHT-3) for ASIA
- AMERICA will be up with its first server
- EUROPE will be up with its first server
- All server rewards: Bound Diamonds 200, Rumriel Hero Shards Chest*10, Gold Key*2

NOTE: Later tonight, there will be a patch to be released. Please download the latest version from either Play Store or App Store and patch the game so for you to be ready for tomorrows' GLOBAL LAUNCH.

ASIA Servers (KHT-1 & KHT2) won't experience a downtime from this update.

See you all SOON Warriors! Hope you can help us in spreading the word!


Announcement for IOS pioneers

Apr 20, 2018
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For iOS players, because redeem function is forbidden by Apple, please follow the steps to get your prelaunch rewards:
1.	Enter the game and create your character.
2.	Send us these information: Server, Characters’ Name, and your prelaunch.me account to email: bokai.he@emagroup.cn.
3.	We will send the rewards via in-game mail. 
It will take some time because we will send rewards manually, so please be patient.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you very much for your support.


Nick H about 2 years

OK, thx EMA!

Global Launch, April 20th!

Apr 19, 2018
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In the name of light, warriors, assemble!

We councilors really appreciate your patience and fancy. 
(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

Warriors of Light has been launched (soft launch) in some regions on Android today.

Warriors from #Indonesia, #Philippines and #Vietnam can download the game from googleplay and start your battle against dark force right now.

▶Warriors from other regions can start the adventure on 20th April. The ♡Pioneer of Light♡ title will also be granted at that point.

Thank you very much for your patience and support again, we just need some more time to smooth our game experience.(^_−)☆

Remember, you are our last and sole hope, WARRIORS.

Here is the portal: https://www.facebook.com/WarriorsOfLightEMA/


Rookie Warrior Walkthrough

Apr 18, 2018
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Hear yeah warriors, here is the Rookie Warrior Walkthrough as following: ♡

As an experienced veteran, we councilors would like to give you rookies an introduction lecture about how to become a hero from zero. Before going through, we wish you guys can always keep in mind that, although the Battle Rate (BR) is the foundation, proper operation will indeed influence the battle results.

Here are 11 good-to-know tips from a Rumriel veteran:
▶1) Some classes, especially the ranged classes Mage and Ranger have pretty rigid AI during auto-combat. Sometimes the Ultimate skill will miss the target while being casted automatically. It will be better to control manually dealing with challenging enemies.
▶2) When you have abundant material (i.e. Gold, Apatite & etc.), you are recommended to pay attention to your equipment enhancement level. The Gold and Apatite provided by the adventure chests can ensure you enhance your equipment timely and the enhanced equipment helps you handle the enemies more easily. That’s what we call a “virtuous circle.”
▶3) The forge material comes from the Elite stages. Following the Elite stage daily quests, you can regularly obtain forge materials from that. Besides the Elite stage, you can also receive the Forge Material through entering the Orc Dungeon in Trial.
▶4) The rune system opens when you reach Lv. 20. Rune is a necessary component to the total BR calculation. Especially the prime rune can provide some attribute influencing the skill effects. For example, with certain prime rune, Ranger can fire 5 arrows at one time instead of only 1 arrow. Rune tower is the best place to obtain runes.
▶5) As for the melee classes, Fighter and Priest, they are pretty good at auto-combat. However, dealing with the rune tower will be a challenge for them. It’s very urgent for them to take down enemies’ damage dealer in the first place, in order to win the battle. For the ranged classes, it’s wise to stay behind tank heroes and deal damage.
▶6) If you clear the Rune Tower today, you are free to blitz half of the levels tomorrow. For example, if you clear 30 levels today, you are allowed to blitz 15 levels tomorrow for free. The rewards will always be the same whether or not you blitz.
▶7) The daily quests will provide you a lot of EXP for you leveling up. You are highly suggested to achieve all the daily quests every single day.
▶8) From Lv. 22, you are allowed to challenge the Team Raid Dungeons. The Raid Dungeons will provide various Hero equipment, skins and most importantly, tons of EXP. If you are confident enough, you can definitely solo the Dungeon by yourself only. An experienced warrior can always solo the Raid Dungeon.
▶9) Epaulet can be raised by the fame earned from Rank Match. You are advised to buy extra Rank Match attempts every day, since the Epaulet buff is calculated proportionate to the total BR. The higher BR in the late game, the more bonus BR Epaulet buff can increase.
▶10) For each trial, how many extra attempts can be purchased are decided according to your VIP level. Choose wisely if you are gonna buy attempts.
▶11) There are time-limited events every day, including the Abyss, Championship and Guild War. Since these events are rather intensive, you are suggested to control manually. Otherwise, you may be blamed by your teammates if you troll. XDDD

Keep these all 11 tips in your mind and you will definitely become an eligible warrior. May the light be with you.

Join us to make Rumriel great again!!! For more information, please check Rumeriel Council’s bulletin board, here is the portal:


Rune System Introduction

Apr 12, 2018
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In ancient tales, the World Tree Yggdrazil collapsed and decomposed into pieces, which become numerous runes spreading all over the world. Embedding rune will grant warriors powers from Yggdrazil.

Those magical runes can be mainly classified as two types: prime runes and small runes, with corresponding rune slots. There are 4 prime rune slots at the central area of rune system. Besides, there are 8 small rune slots as well surrounding the 4 prime runes. For each rune, there are 5 quality tiers from Normal to Legendary. All the prime and small runes will bring attributes buff to warriors and by enchanting the runes, the improvement can be further increased. In order to enchant the rune, warriors need to collect the rune essence by decomposing unwanted runes. Warriors can challenge the Rune Tower to obtain various runes every day.

Different from small runes, the prime runes can also grant warriors different skill effects, according to their classes. For example, the fighter can increase the effective area while to using Decimate to deal damage to more enemies, by embedding the corresponding prime rune. For the prime rune selection, it will always be a smart choice to select the runes with skill effects improvement. 

Join us to make Rumriel great again!!! For more information, please check Rumeriel Council’s bulletin board, here is the portal:



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