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It’s the time now, Warriors!

Apr 20, 2018
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Assemble, Assemble, Warriors of the light.
Sword shall be shaken; shield shall be splintered.
It’s the time now.

We, council of Rumriel announce that the global launch is at 10:00 04/20/2018!

What to expect? 
- New Server (KHT-3) for ASIA
- AMERICA will be up with its first server
- EUROPE will be up with its first server
- All server rewards: Bound Diamonds 200, Rumriel Hero Shards Chest*10, Gold Key*2

NOTE: Later tonight, there will be a patch to be released. Please download the latest version from either Play Store or App Store and patch the game so for you to be ready for tomorrows' GLOBAL LAUNCH.

ASIA Servers (KHT-1 & KHT2) won't experience a downtime from this update.

See you all SOON Warriors! Hope you can help us in spreading the word!