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MON 4/6/2020 04:36
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    Heres a little more of a sneak peak into the League of Angels: Origins features!

    Jul 17, 2018
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    The game has stunning visuals allowing players to see highly detailed character models, beautiful 3D environments, and dazzling special effects. Players can explore a vibrant fantasy world with a full 360-degree view.										
    Play it your way as users can select from three unique classes - Spellweaver, Centurion, or Ranger - each with their own strengths and characteristics.									
    Choose a male or female avatar and customise your character as you progress through the game										
    The game also has legendary wings as the symbol of Angels.
    Wings provide the ultimate customisation option for your characters, players can adjust their flying height and speed at will. 
    Last but not least there are also massive sky wars!									
    Fight in large-scale PvP battlegrounds and take on rivals from all over the world. Players can also group with friends and experience unrestricted thrilling air combat in the skies. 
    Make sure to pre-register now and not miss out on the fun!	


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