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Strategy Guide - Hero Star Guide

Nov 13, 2018
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Today we will be talking about Hero Star and how it can make your Heroes stronger!

Different Heroes are suited for different Hero Stars as they give different stats, it may take some work to find the one best fit for your Hero but it’s well worth it! And don’t worry about leveling up the wrong one because all Soul material can be refunded if you choose to reset it.

Once again, PWR affects the damage of PWR based Heroes, INT for INT based Heroes. AGI affects the speed and priority in battle of the Hero, whereas Charisma affects a Hero’s Skill Res Rate.

Hero Stars can accumulate quite a bit of Stats, so don’t overlook them!

There will definitely be instances where an INT Hero gets a high quality Hero Star fitted for PWR Heroes, don’t let it go to waste! Use the Star Change function to change the Star with another Hero!

Lastly, check the bonuses you can unlock by reaching Hero Star levels and gaining massive amounts of buffs!

Though Hero Star is quite a tedious system, it has a great effect on the general power boost of your Army! Take time and look into different types of Hero Stars and they will be sure to help you win on the battlefield!