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Guide: Medium, Light Carriers and CruisersⅡ

Dec 28, 2018
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Yubari can only be obtained from construction, but she is easy to construct. After modification, she have the Experimental Platform skill which drastically increase the attribute of her equipment, making her just about flawless: want more firepower? Equip her with 4 guns and just sit tight while she clears out the enemy; submarines are annoying? Fit anti-subs on her and the subs are goners already; can’t handle an airstrike? Deploy her with AA guns and watch for a firework show. Her lack of defense makes her imperfect, but she is still only second to Helena, and a worthy light cruiser to invest on.

I do have some thought of her as whether to put her in this section of the guide or the Large ship section, as she is a light carrier before mod but a powerful carrier after that. At last, I decided to put her here, as her attributes alone makes her one of the best light carriers: high armor and health grants her good survivability in light carriers; not only high but also evenly distributed plane capacity makes her good at just about everything you can ask of a light carrier, let it be air controlling, bombing or anti-sub. Because of that, I would recommend to hold two Rangers in dock, one modded and act as a carrier, while the other unmod and act as a light carrier. Good thing is, she is the reward for your first purchase, and a special quest after that will award you a second Ranger when you mods the first one.

When it comes to anti-sub warfare, none is better than Bogue and her sister Chaser. Both light carriers are anti-sub specialized with their skill Ani-submarine Escortthat will greatly decrease the accuracy and evasion of enemy submarines, making them highly efficient when fighting submarines. However, Chaser is extremely hard to get (one of the rarest ships in fact) while Bogue can be found just about everywhere, thus I would recommend her over Chaser when it comes to an anti-sub light carrier.