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Tales of Wind: Global Launch

Apr 27, 2019
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Dear Player,

Today is an important day for TOW, We are very excited to bring this explosive news!

The date for our OBT, which many players are curious about, has finally been set, and it will be April 30th, 2019! Please remember this big day! Start a TOW adventure with over 3.5 million users that have currently pre-registered! We will have English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Chinese versions of the game ready for players around the world. 

OBT open time:
l  05:00 April 30 GMT-5
l  11:00 April 30 GMT+1
l  18:00 April 30 GMT+8

The game is making final preparations for the launch. 
We'll send the notification and gift codes once it launched. Thank you for your patience!

See you on April 30th, 2019!

Tales of Wind Team!