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MON 5/20/2019 19:30
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    Join our Aurora Feast!

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Hi PLMers,
    Great News! To celebrate its launch, players To celebrate today’s launch, players can soon participate in Aurora Legend’s first Major event - Aurora Feast! Aurora Feast challenges players to obtain ingredients from dungeons to then cook and deliver food to Miho, the outland gourmet! Offering her a taste of her favorite food will increase her satisfaction levels and net players reward in this bite-sized event.
    In addition to the Aurora Feast Major event, players can earn a limited time hero, Victoria, in the Gacha system. Victoria is a powerful 3-star long-range mage, who becomes a recon to deal with if paired with a Healer on your team. 
    Happy Gaming! 
    -Aurora Legend & PLM Team